Cars leave daily with goods

24500 m²

Storage space


Fixed delivery routes

PGD Polska is the only distributor of household chemicals and cosmetics with nationwide coverage. The high standard of our services and efficient logistics have been appreciated by more than 300 Suppliers and 15,000 Customers.


Today, PGD Polska is a nationwide distributor operating from 7 logistics centres in Wrocław, Warsaw, Lublin, Kraków, Poznań, Jarosław and Niedomice, as well as 5 cross docks, providing employment for around 1,000 employees and co-workers.

Our high standard of service and efficient logistics have been recognised by more than 300 suppliers and 15,000 customers. The competent sales team numbers more than 200 people. The company also has advanced IT solutions to support sales and service.

An essential part of its strategy has been to invest in technical infrastructure to expand and strengthen cooperation with contractors. PGD is continually developing its product range, which currently numbers 30,000 products. It is also a significant operator of ‘private labels.’

Taking into account our customers’ expectations, we have created an effective format for a modern drugstore warehouse. The Central Cosmetics Warehouse (CMK), a separate part of our Wrocław logistics centre, guarantees fast order processing, complementarity and access to the latest products in one place. Through a dedicated team of Cosmetic Advisors, we reach 1,500 selected drugstores, and CMK receives orders from 4,000 drugstore operators each month.


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