In 1991, taking their first steps into capitalism, based on the small capital they had accumulated from previous activities, Krzysztof and Marzena Gradecki founded a cosmetics wholesaler.

The company initially operated only locally but soon began to expand its reach. The following years proved to be a time of intensive development, with the first Cash&Carry warehouse and branch offices established in 1993. Two years later, the first EKO shop opened its doors, giving rise to a well-known and respected nationwide grocery shop chain, which, after fifteen years of dynamic development, debuted on the stock exchange as EKO Holding. As a result of effective management, the company has recorded systematic growth in terms of the services offered and the scale of operations.

Further years saw further milestones - the company's dynamic growth took place in mid-2008 due to the establishment of the Polish Drugstore Group, which was the result of the consolidation of more than a dozen significant wholesale companies from all parts of Poland. In 2010, the franchised chain ‘Drogerie Jasmin’ was established as the successor to the regional company Drogerie Aster, founded in 1999, and the 1st Forum of the Independent Drugstore Market, which was, among other things, the founding event of the chain, attracted crowds of merchants and suppliers awaiting consolidation measures. As a nationwide distributor of household chemicals and cosmetics, PGD Polska has, over the years, expanded its spectrum of activities in response to the growing needs of retailers.

The company's beginnings coincided with a time of transition - the free market was strengthening, Poles’ lifestyles were changing, and thus, consumer needs were increasing, which we always tried to meet. These were also the beginnings of a successful and long-standing collaboration with numerous producers. Among our first suppliers were Pollena Lechia (today Nivea), Kolastyna or Wizamet (today Gillete). In the following years, more companies joined the group of trusted business partners - L'Oreal, Unilever, Henkel, Soraya, Bielenda, PharmaCF and others.

Today, PGD Polska is a distributor of most of the leading concerns in our industry and a multitude of large and smaller companies, providing a distribution platform for more than 200 suppliers. The many years we have spent together on the Polish market have led to the establishment of reliable and, above all, stable relationships with our partners based on mutual respect, credibility and professionalism.

We are also constantly opening new projects, taking on the challenges of operating modern online sales channels, and have launched a significant e-commerce project on both the consumer platform (online drugstore) and B2B (online wholesale of chemicals and cosmetics).

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