Łukasz Knapczyk

He is a graduate of the College of Public Security in Kraków. He began his commercial adventure in 2002 as a Sales Representative. He was quickly promoted to Sales Manager in 2005. Without slowing down and investing in his further development and skills, he became Sales Director in 2008. The turn 2010/2011 was critical in his professional life, as it set other goals and tasks, which he already pursued as a member of the Management Board of PGD Polska. Today, on behalf of which he is mainly responsible for sales, purchasing and everything related, with around 150 Salespeople.

Marcin Bartoszyński

He has been active in sales structures since 1994 and gained experience in sales and distribution of cosmetics at Pollena and Beiersdorf (now Nivea Polska). He managed drugstores as a co-owner. He took part in the creation of the Drogerie Jasmin chain and still sits on the board of Drogerie Jasmin. At PGD Polska since 2010. He took part in the consolidation of the companies that make up our company today and then set up the merchant structures within it. In 2014, he was entrusted with organising and managing projects to develop the sales and distribution of the cosmetic categories, the Central Cosmetics Warehouse and the Drugstore Team - a specialised group of sales consultants ensuring effective operations in these categories throughout the country. Among other things, he took over the e-commerce area on the company's Management Board in 2019.

Wojciech Kuchnowski

He is a graduate of the University of Wrocław and the Wrocław University of Economics. In the trade since the 1980s, with the company since 1994, he has followed a career path from sales representative, to branch manager, to sales and marketing director, today with primary responsibility for private brands and marketing within the organisation. He co-founded the first ‘Private Labels’ products in the Polish distribution of our industry in 1990. Today, he has implemented more than a thousand products, including those listed by leading market research companies, and continuously manages an active group of more than 600 SKUs.

Krzysztof Nawrot

He graduated from the Academy of Physical Education and the Academy of Economics with a degree in Management in Wrocław. He has been with PGD Polska since 1994, following a career path from his first ‘general’ sales representative to Managing Director. He currently holds the position of Member of the Management Board, coordinating the company’s logistics, vehicle fleet and customer service departments. In addition, his remit includes the IT department, digitisation of processes, development of the e-wholesale channel, indicator analytics, and controlling. At the same time, he has been responsible for the development of the company’s new strategic institutional channel since last year.

Kazimierz Rakowski

He has been with the company since 1994. He manages finances and oversees processes related to the formal side of the company’s operations. As it grew, he took on more and more responsibilities, and his knowledge and experience grew with the company. He actively participated in successive reorganisations and transformations, including those related to the group's presence on the stock market. Today, as a Member of the Management Board, he oversees many key areas and processes for PGD Polska and its affiliates.

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