Many years of activity on the Polish market have taught us that trust and proper relations with our partners are built through professional service at every level of interaction. We make every effort to ensure that the company atmosphere perpetuates positive role models, respect for people, a partnership approach and commitment. An employee, customer, manufacturer or supplier - all are equally important to us because it is people who build the strength of PGD Polska.

PGD Polska has taken as its most important mission in recent years to act as an 'ambassador' for the independent market of the drugstore industry and to initiate and coordinate its transformation. We aim to operate an effective nationwide distribution network, guaranteeing comprehensive shop services at the highest level and providing a platform for the development and transformation of the drugstore market, including the management of networks of affiliated drugstores.

With knowledge, practice and reliable work, we aim to become a trustworthy business partner and create lasting and stable business relationships with our contractors. We have many years of experience and knowledge behind us to successfully fulfil our mission and multiply our resources, consistently increasing the market value of the company.

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